The Architectural service is provided by Inez Fino and her team of Architects and Designers. This service includes all phases of project management, from the initial briefing, preliminary study of the conceptual design, licensing, project execution and specifications, and work follow-up.

How it works


The project starts with your personal consultation or by e-mail, which enable Inez Fino´s team to understand your intentions and what you want to achieve with the project. We will clarify which style you want by presenting you with various images of reference, enabling you to identify the architectural style of your preference. If the building already exists, we will visit it and request you to hand over any existing plans you may have of your property.


The team will make a rigorous, planimetric and photographic survey of the spaces to be treated, as well study the properties historical back ground through municipal archives in the case of pre-existence. In a situation where the building is to be constructed from scratch, we will follow the work of the surveyor and teams of geotechnics. The next step will be to develop designs in search of the best solutions that meet your intentions, adapted to all the conditions of the space or place.

Preliminary Program and Preliminary Study of the conceptual design

We will develop layouts, inserting the program, drawings, models and three-dimensional models, that demonstrate our architectural intentions in response to your requests. The necessary changes will be made until we reach the desired image for you. The next phase starts after your approval.

Prior Information Request and Licensing

The prior Information is an autonomous and facultative and optional procedure, which may precede a licensing or prior communication of construction, reconstruction, expansion, alteration, conservation and demolition works. It is important in more complex situations, that municipal services clarify all alterations in the project before the delivery of Licensing. At this stage, we will be working in coordination with the engineers of the various engineering specialties planned or required for each case. We will advance with the project Execution Project after the delivery of the Licensing Process.

Execution Project and Specifications

While we wait for the approval of the Licensing, we will begin the Execution Project. Drawings of details and description of materials and equipment will be developed in coordination with all specialties. At the same time a specification sheet will be drawn up with map quantities and budget estimates, which will serve as a basis for comparison for the scouting of contractors.

Monitoring and Construction Supervision

At this stage, we will supervise all the work, with meetings and regular visits to the site, to ensure the perfect execution of the project, and making sure the contractors are faithful to the project. We will ensure that the work schedule is respected and will report to you regularly on the progress of the work.

Delivery of the Project

This phase is made in two parts, provisional reception and surveys. It will be combined with a deadline for the contractor to correct all observed errors. In a second survey, if no problems need correcting, the final delivery of the project will be done with the signing of the Term of Delivery.

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