About Inez Fino

After having had worked for a couple of years in collaboration with an esteemed Portuguese interior designer, Inez Fino started working as a freelancer in 1996. During her last year with the company, Inez was trusted to help complete some high-end projects such as the Prime Minister's official residence, the palace of São Bento, a boutique hotel, an embassy and a high-profile individuals' home.

At the time this opened Inez up to a world of interiors, suppliers, and contacts that in those days were like finding a needle in a haystack. This enabled Inez to venture out at a very early age, which at that point she would never have imagined.


Inez Fino grew up in the United Kingdom. She spent most of her weekends at antique fairs, auctions and visiting castles and palaces with her parents, brother, and sister.

Inez' story doesn't stop there. Inez comes from a long line of traditional families, who up until the Portuguese 25th of April Revolution had some of the most beautiful homes in Portugal and throughout the former Portuguese colonies.

Inez had the opportunity to grow up in these homes such as the Biester Chalet in Sintra and Palacio Ratton in Lisbon, known today as Tribunal Constitucional. They were her great-grandmother's city and weekend homes, which, despite the revolution, were still very up and running until her death, when Inez was 14.

Inez's mother, Verónica Mayer de Carvalho Beja Fino, was one of the first women to take the first ever interior design course in Portugal. Inez has always looked up to her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother, and strived to follow in their footsteps.


Inez' values go way back down a long family line of living in the most beautiful homes with the most lavish lifestyles, with an acute eye for detail.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the exact same level of perfection. With that in mind, Inez brought together a team that shares her love and passion to create unique ambiances for each of our clients.


Inez Fino's work drinks from a strong line of tradition and elegance, blending in eclectic references and styles. Having lived in several countries, Inez develops her creative concepts from her historical background, travels and rich contemporary references, communicating and committing to her clients' needs in design. Inez understands each client, and each space, as unique.

For Inez Fino Interiors, each space can be a canvas; each client has a story. We'd like to invite you to come help us tell yours.

Meet our Team

Inez Beja Fino

Founding Managing Partner and Chief Creative Director of Inez Fino. Having graduated in England in Professional Interior design at Regents Academy of Fine Arts, Inez has more than twenty years of career working for some of the most prestigious clients around the globe. Having developed projects in every continent as well as having worked for some of the most prestigious ateliers in the world, in comercial, hospitality and residential interior design, has given Inez a professional experience that is hard to come by in her own country. Returning back to Portugal after so long abroad has been a dream come true for Inez.

Alexandre Cunha Elias

Alexandre became Inez Fino's partner this year and manages our Real Estate Investments as Advisor and Agent, also M&A Strategic Advisor (Moneris) and Wealth Management solutions provider. With the arrival of Alexandre to the company (and his best strategic partners) we focus on three main areas of expertise and bespoke services; Commercial Real Estate Investment Services with a strong focus on refurbishment, Corporate Finance (namely M&A services), Wealth Management solutions to HNWI, Family Offices and Institutional Investors.


Paulo Gomes

Paulo is our Senior Architect at Inez Fino, having graduated in Civil Design Construction by Gustave Eiffel Professional School, and later on in Architecture by ULHT. With more than 21 years of experience and a great diversity of concluded projects that include cinemas, hotels, restaurants, shops, housing, municipal markets, pharmaceutical industries, interior Go-Karting track, schools, corporate offices & museums. With more than 250 concluded projects in Portugal, as well as the United Kingdom, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and the Bahamas. Paulo joined the Inez Fino team in 2017.

Tânia Lopes

Office Manager at Inez Fino. With almost 20 years of experience in the senior administrative sector. Tânia's professional career passed through several professional areas, from office manager at law firms, to the public sector and as of late the real estate sector. She joined the team of Inez Fino almost at the beginning, working alongside Inez Fino assisting her in the coordination, development and implementation of the project in all of its services.

Joana Pinto Coelho

Architect and photographer. As an architecture graduate from the University of Lisbon, Joana is interested in architecture, photography and urban planning. Joana has worked with Inez Fino Interiors since the reopening of the company in Portugal.

Francisco Saldanha

Francisco is our Designer at Inez Fino. Although he only graduated in 2013 from Lusiada University in Design, and his career can be called some what short, his ambition and  willingness to succeed took him to Great Britain to obtain work experience. There he worked first with Exhibit Group and then with Equinox Group. His passion for 3D work made us embrace him instantly and he started working with us in 2017.

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